It might not be the first thing that may come to your mind but electric scooter can be one of the best forms of transportation. This is an electric scooter made specifically for shorter distances that are too far to walk, but not long enough to warrant the use of car. There are different models of scooters to choose from, right from the kids and teens to even adults.

series 100, 200, 300

The electric scooter are available in e series 100, 200, 300 and are speed rated (10-15 mph). However, their speed goes on slowing down with increasing weight. This means less use and more charging time. These scooters are best for kids who have an average weight. The batteries of electric razor scooter are not that powerful to compensate for a heavier load and still give same level of performance.

Great for the environment

There are several reasons why electric scooters are such smart choice for our fragile environment. They operate on electricity and do not give out harmful emission that can damage our environment. You can charge it and continue to use it till the batteries are charged. You can then recharge them again within 5-8 hours and they are ready for use again! As this scooter offers an eco-friendly way of getting around, it’s a perfect buy.

More affordable way to travel around in the neighborhood

Aside from helping the environment, you also cut down on your fuel bill. When you will start using electric razor scooter for short distances, you will notice immediate savings as you cut down on you fuel bills. Aside from that, you also save money on parking tickets, because you can park electric Razor anywhere without buying a parking ticket, which can be a big money saver in the urban areas.

Is an electric scooter just for the teenagers?

As Razor scooter is easy to use, and maneuver, and are available in bright colors, many people think that it is meant just for kids, or teens. However, the truth is that if adults want they can also drive these scooters. A Razor electric scooter can be a memorable gift for any teenager because they can travel around in market, clubs, and enjoy their rides in the neighborhood without any problem.

Great benefits but also great fun!

The Razor does not only have a lot of benefits but are also just plain fun to use because you can do:

* Enjoy your time doing Razor scooter tricks!

* You can take this scooter with you on your vacations

* You can enjoy your rides without causing any pollution

* These scooters are best for racing games

Present technology is limited as amount of power you can get using a battery. The electric scooter is a lightweight and compact scooter. Usually batteries are heavy and to get more power from the razor, you will have to use larger batteries, which would mean losing the compactness, and easy fold and store features that owners and parents love. This electric scooter delivers what it has been designed to do!.

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