As a kid I had the choice of riding a bike or a skateboard. There weren’t even razor scooters was a kid. Today’s kids, however, are spoiled beyond my imagination and I have to admit I’m a bit jealous! Some of the amazing things they get to play with, even grown-ups would be jealous of things like the electric scooter.

The electric scooter is a powered razor type scooter with an engine that can do all the work for them. They simply press a button on the handlebars or pull the hand grips (like a motorcycle does), and the power in the engine ignites! Kids electric kick scooters are powered usually by an electric battery and one charge can go about 30 minutes if they are constantly moving. Most kids scoot to one area, then get off and play. They then get on it again and scoot to the next area and again get off.

With the knowledge that if they drive the scooter too much it will run out of battery juice and they will end up walking home, you can teach your kids to ration the scooter time to get everywhere they want to go with ample power to do everything they want. At first they will want to ride it consistently until power runs out, but it only takes one time to get far away and then run out of battery juice and no way to recharge it before they start to think more intelligently about how to ration their “ride” time.

One thing many parents love about these toy scooters is that they ironically offer safety with speed. The faster they can get (safely) to their friends house, to school, from school, and anywhere else they want to venture out – the less chance of them finding themselves the victim of a bully, a kidnapper, or anyone wishing to mess with them or do them harm. As a parent myself I feel better knowing they have a way to get away faster than their little legs will take them. As a kid they absolutely love the ride these scooters bring. If I had one of these as a kid, I’d probably have had a couple ways to get anywhere, and I’d definitely take the scenic route!

If you have a kid who won’t go outside and play ask them how they’d feel about an electric kick scooter, it just might be the thing they need to get out of the house and join the family in a ride through the neighborhood!

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