Kids these days are the luckiest kids ever, they have so many choices of toys to play with. As a kid, I used to ride on a sharper image razor scooter and as fun as that was, it was a manual powered ride to anywhere you wanted to go, but there are times that this scooter is hard to ride. Going up a steep hill, for example is a challenge and many simply jump off the manual scooter to walk it up the hill instead of risking falling backwards off of it or wearing themselves out.

These days there are many great powered electric scooters your kids can play with that not only give them ample power to stay on the scooter up the hill, but that also give parents peace of mind that if someone were to try to kidnap them they could get away fast!

If your child is wearing a helmet and the appropriate safety gear, the electric kick scooter is an amazingly fun toy to play with, and generally, a safe powered ride that will impress their friends. When my kids leave the house to go to a friend’s house, I have anxiety that they may not make it there or they may be the victim of a kidnapping. You hear about it all the time on the news! By giving my kid an electric scooter and showing them how to use it safely over several weeks, I get quality time with my kids and I know that they will get from point A to B to C and back home quickly and safely.

The fact that a scooter can get into places a car can’t gives me comfort because if ever they are chased by a scary man in a car, they can get away. I spent a great deal of time training them to ride the scooter, and explaining how to ditch a potential threat by taking shortcuts off the beaten path.

The other great thing about the Kids electric scooter is that we can ride together as a family on both child and adult versions. These scooters are a great deal of fun and can run on gas or electricity. The electric models are limited by how much power the battery has at any given time while the gas variety, which I’d only let my kids use around me, is like a kid car that can be refueled and we can continue on our journey all over the place!

Our Recommend Electric Scooter: Razor E300 Electric Scooter

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