Our niece got a pink electric scooter for her 12th birthday. The model is a Razor E300S electric scooter.

She has ridden it for about 3 months now,(almost EVERY day!), and my wife and I have noticed a very definite change in her attitude and personality.

In fact, the changes have been so dramatic, that we decided to post “3 Reasons Girls Need Pink Electric Scooters.

Reason #1 – A Pink Electric Scooter Will Get Positive Attention!

The very first time Emily(our niece), rode the scooter around the neighborhood, it definitely was noticed by our neighbors.

Luckily, the scooter is ultra quiet, so the attention was real positive! Many of the kids in the neighborhood came up to her asking for rides.

This was definitely a positive situation, as she was essentially a shy child. In no time, she had accumulated several new friends. She really had cultivated her social skills!

Reason# 2 – A Pink Electric Scooter Can Help Children Become Independent

Farah’s frequent scooter trips really allowed her to “stretch her wings”. In the past, she had always been a “home toy”, and never had shown much of an interest in leaving the house. The Razor E300S electric scooter holds a charge for about 45 minutes, which is enough time for her to go “exploring”, but not so long that it keeps her from other important tasks.

Generally, we would charge the scooter overnight, and she would be ready to go for the next day. The scooter has a top speed of 15mph, which is plenty fast enough to keep her interested, yet not so fast that it is dangerous.

Reason# 3- Riding Pink Electric Scooters Is “Old Fashioned” Fun!

Years ago, it seems like kids played outside more than they do today. First, television came along, and rightfully.

Now, computer games and video games have kids staying inside glued to their monitors. Riding electric scooters is so much fun that kids WANT to be outside.

No doubt about it, Emily’s pink electric scooter has changed her life. And of course, she wears a matching pink helmet!

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